About Our Surfboards

About Our Surfboards

Our Surfboards are made almost exclusively by custom order only. Why? Because we believe there are enough stock surfboards on the shelves already. We are all different people – why should we all surf the exact same boards? At our core, we share many similarities… and so should the cores of all our Boards:  Functional, Ecological, and Environmentally Responsible.

Anything is possible. We’ve certainly had a few from our chosen designs – which are constantly updated. Whatever you dream of, we can create it. Colour, shape, size, and thickness are all adjusted to suit your needs. Let us know what your level is, in what conditions you surf in and we’ll apply this into the shape of your custom-made Surfboard. Get in contact with us for any questions.

100% Handshaped

Customized on your ideas

Environment awareness 

The Right Design

Finding the right design can be challenging. Especially if you are a beginning surfer or you surf in different conditions to the masses. The best example of this is what we have in the Netherlands. Most surfboards on the shopping shelves are not designed for your typical Dutch surf days. But not just that; There are many aspects of your surfing that can be influenced by the way your surfboard is designed. Style, look, performance, big waves, small waves, often you need something for all conditions… and the list goes on. As you wouldn’t ride a race bike through rocky mountains nor trying to win a road race on a mountain bike. We can help you by finding exactly what you need. Taking everything into consideration, from performance to style. Get in contact with us for any questions 

The Upcycle Project

Anything is better than buying something new if you don’t need it. It is the same story when it comes to buying your next Surfboard. However, once it is really the end of your old surfboards lifetime, or you really need something else to progress, we want to give your old love a new life. So, we’re creating an upcycling project to give pre-loved surfboards a new shine. 

This is how it works:

With every new surfboard you buy from us you get the chance to trade in your old one and receive up to 25% OFF your new surfboard. Your old board will be stripped, reshaped, reglassed, and rebranded as an upcycle surfboard. These boards are then resold as upcycled surfboards or donated to STICHTING SURFIVOR  for use in Surf Therapy programs!

The Ecoboard Project

We’re over the moon to be certified Ecoboard Project shapers. The Ecoboard Project is the first, independent 3rd party consumer-facing “eco-label” for Surfboards, where the ECOBOARD Project focuses on reducing the carbon footprint, and increasing the use (and reuse) of renewable, recycled, and up-cycled inputs, plus reducing toxicity within the surfboard manufacturing process. Read more here

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