About us


As surfers, we are constantly engaging with the elements of the earth. Nature is our playground and we love connecting with the beauty and wonders of it. 

However, it seems that over the years we as humans have lost that connection to nature and have misplaced ourselves out of balance with the elements.  Also as surfers, we have lost that balance. We started to work against nature and not with it and as the industry grew, so did the tremendous amount of waste that we created. Riding surfboards which have been made from toxic chemicals, oil and on top of that the materials are not even recyclable. We aim to reduce this process and minimise this very contradiction.

Our mission here at Buddhasurf is to bring that balance back and reconnect responsibly with our planet. Establishing a sustainable way of creating surfboards that work with our environment – and not against it. In the past few years, we have seen a lot of great changes in the surf industry in a handful of sustainable ways like wooden cores or bamboo core surfboards. These are amazing options, however it can affect the performance of the surfboards as these materials are heavy and hard to work with.  That’s why we use the latest technology of high-quality polyurethane foam core, based on recycled material which is also 100% recyclable! This way the performance stays the same but the negative impact on our environment gets eliminated as much as possible. 

The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for you to live

The Materials

Bio epoxy resin

100% recyclable blanks

water-based paint


• 2-Component Polyurethane System (Ratio about 1:1)  Component #1: > 90% recycled post-consumer polyurethane and a wood component Component #2: MDI based isocyanate

• Use of wood component → improves flex pattern

• 100 % Recyclability of production waste.

Surfboard foam at the end of its lifecycle will be a source for your next board

• MDI based instead of TDI which makes it healthier for manufacturers to work with


Organic epoxy resin


All waterbased, Food coloring

We are constantly on the look to improve the durability and sustainability of our materials to create surfboards with the highest standards in the most ecological and high performing way. 

Our Dedication

Buddhasurf will shape you the best possible surfboard, with an ecological mindset. ‘The Best’ is a powerful phrase, but interpreted differently by individuals. For Buddhasurf it means the lowest possible impact on our environment, with an incredible amount of details in the shaping process – and a surfboard shaped by hand with heart. We believe that this combination will bring you an overall satisfying and pure experience on the water.

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